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Never say die, especially in the context of Prefab Sprout.

The machinery of the site has been inspected and prodded, a bit of 3 in 1 penetrating oil applied at strategic points, and with the help of an army of zombie puppets and a couple of tubes of plastic padding, the site is creaking skywards with a NEWS UPDATE

Good news too. Thomas Dolby has written a memoir, which covers his career in music, and it's due to be published on October 11th.

I interviewed Thomas in June about the book, and the results will be featured on Sproutology (where there's also a UK pre-order link, which I should warn provides a few coppers for site upkeep) sometime mid to late September.

Interestingly, Thomas indicated there was also to be an audio book version, and there's some talk of a UK published variant which uses different swear words and content adapted to the home audience.

It contains a great deal about Prefab Sprout. Dolby is, apart from being a musical genius, an engaging storyteller and a great writer. I couldn't be looking forward to this more.


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