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I Trawl the Megahertz

Never say die, especially in the context of Prefab Sprout.

The machinery of the site has been inspected and prodded, a bit of 3 in 1 penetrating oil applied at strategic points, and with the help of an army of zombie puppets and a couple of tubes of plastic padding, the site is creaking skywards with a NEWS UPDATE

Good news too. Thomas Dolby has written a memoir, which covers his career in music, and it's due to be published on October 11th.

I interviewed Thomas in June about the book, and the results will be featured on Sproutology (where there's also a UK pre-order link, which I should warn provides a few coppers for site upkeep) sometime mid to late September. 

Interestingly, Thomas indicated there was also to be an audio book version, and there's some talk of a UK published variant which uses different swear words and content adapted to the home audience.

It contains a great deal about Prefab Sprout. Dolby is, apart from being a musical genius, an engaging storyteller and a great writer. I couldn't be looking forward to this more.


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So... You wait two years for a site update and a bit of news. And then two pieces of news come along at the same time. 

The strong rumour is that "I Trawl the Megahertz" is to be released in "All formats" by Sony in October. This is welcome news - it's a neglected masterpiece and never received anything like the attention it deserved back in 2003. CDs now sell for around thirty quid, so Paddy had the last laugh even if he didn't get much of the said thirty quid.

And he's laughing again, because at the time he completed it, he was persuaded that Sony would never take it on, and moved it to EMI. Well they've taken it now.

We may even get to change the "most recent album" graphic to the right soon. Exciting times.

Doesn't look like the "I Trawl" rumours are coming to much, but how about this?

Keith Armstrong just posted a photo of Paddy and Spike Lee together in London on his Instagram. Surely must indicate a project. And Chris Wirtalla found another photo of the same pairing from earlier in the year, plus a guy I don't know... Any ideas who it is?

Interesting times. And the last collaboration anyone would think of. Which is why it's wonderful

So yesterday there was some NEW MUSIC. Paddy has recorded a video protesting against Trump's imbecilic and divisive immigration checks and visa cancellations. It's a massive shift: not only is it a genuine protest song recorded fast and dirty, it is also being published online. Posted by Keith Armstrong, so absolutely pukka.

Here it is.

Great news, with John Birch's long awaited book on Prefab Sprout approaching publication on August 26th. This profusely illustrated volume covers the early years of the band. Full details here.

New official Social Media presence, click HERE

Well, it's been a while. I barely remembered how to log into the site to edit it. But at last we have some real news to savour, and I've changed the current album graphic to the right...

Most tangibly, there is to be a reissue of "I Trawl the Megahertz" on double vinyl album and CD, with a white vinyl special edition from Rough Trade. Full details on Sproutology, which is the place to look for up-to-date news.

And then this morning, Paddy was interviewed on BBC R4 Today, and in a short segment not only spoke about "I Trawl the Megahertz", but also explained that Sony were working on more vinyl reissues, and that he was working on a new album, "Femmes Mythologiques" slated for release in September 2009. 

And he played part of a song, Cleopatra. You can hear it all here.

It's one of his actual high concept albums, and will include songs on the Queen of Sheba, Eve, and Angelina Jolie. He hinted that he was working through the rest of his backlog. But then he always does.