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On this page I have provided various audio clips for you, in MP3 format - so if you wish to download them, you need to right-click on the link, and choose 'save as' from the list.  There are two columns, the first being a few Sprout-related tracks you don't already have, and the second being some audio interviews (mostly with Sprout front-man and songwriter Paddy McAloon.)  Once upon a time, we had all the b-sides and dozens of live shows available, but those have been removed by request of Sony BMG (who apparently own the lot.)
Unreleased Tracks

A few MP3 downloads of original tracks by the Sprouts that were recorded, but never released.

Rebel Land - This track dates from the 'Steve McQueen' era, but never appeared on any release.  It was, however, performed live several times, most notably on the John Peel show in 1985.  That version is the one provided here.

The Glass Slipper - This curious effort comes from a pre-Swoon demo tape, and is best listened to through earphones.  Paddy has recorded two seperate vocal tracks, panned left and right, and then accompanied himself on acoustic guitar.  Well worth a listen!

Cherry Tree - A fairly complete demo from 1983, this track was played regularly during the early Sprout tours, but never seen again.

Constant Blue - The same story as 'Cherry Tree.'  Incidentally, lyrics to all of these can be found in the lyrics section.

Nightingales (Acoustic) / Wichita Lineman / Appetite/Hey Manhattan!/Nancy Medley - Recorded as part of the KCRW interview, over on the right. These versions have been remastered by some generous (currently unknown) soul, and feature some wonderful live performances by Paddy on the piano and guitar.

Remixes/Cover Versions

This section is looking a bit bare at the moment.  If you've done a remix, or your own version of a Sprout song, why not send it in and display it here for everyone to see!

Dublin (Slow Version) / Dublin (Fast Version) - James Fogle recorded these two very different takes on the Sprout classic, well worth your time.

Unfinished Jesse James Sympathy - A mix up of Massive Attack's 'Unfinished Sympathy,' and the Sprout track 'Jesse James Symphony.'  It was mixed by 'The Party,' who are David Gladwin and Paul Linford.  Martin McAloon, no less, heard and enjoyed this, though apparently he said Paddy sounded 'a bit camp!'  Personally, I love it.

(Come With Me To) Albuquerque - Not a cover version at all, this song is a tribute to the Sprouts by Dylan Mondegreen, which he has very kindly allowed me to post here.  It is the opening track on his album 'The World Spins On.'

Ice Maiden (Solo Wendy Intro) - Have you ever wondered what 'Ice Maiden' would be like if it was just sung by Wendy?  Now you can find out, in this short clip of unknown origins.

KCRW Interview 1988 - Paddy in the studio with the very charming Deidre O'Donohue, on Californian station KCRW, 4th July 1988.  Paddy plays several songs on the piano and guitar during this interview, which you can download seperately on the left under 'unreleased tracks.'

'Mixing It' Interview 2003 - Jim Williams provided this interview with Paddy about his solo project 'I Trawl The Megahertz.' It was broadcast on Radio 3, on the 16th March 2003, on the programme 'Mixing It.'

Richard Allinson Radio 2 Interview 2003 - Another 'Megahertz' interview, send in by forum member 'lonegroover.'

Swedish Radio 1990 / Andromeda Heights Interview 1997 / I Trawl The Megahertz Interview 2003 - These great interviews were sent to me by a generous soul called Anselm.  The exact dates and stations are unknown, but they're all fascinating, and well worth your time.

Swedish TV Interview - Part 1 / Part 2 - From an interview on Swedish TV that was sent in by Jessmols.  I later got my hands on a video version of this interview, which is available in the video section - but I've left the audio up too, if you want to stick it on your iPod.

BBC Radio 1 Interview 1988 - This true raritity was sent in by James Littlewood, and was recorded for BBC Radio 1's 'The Stereo Sequence.'  It was recorded off an old tape, so sound quality varies.

BBC Radio 1 Interview 1992 - Another one off an old tape sees Paddy on 'The Nicky Campbell Show' talking about songwriting and his heroes.  It was sent in by Kevin Brennan.

Europe 2 Interview 1997 - Recorded and sent in by David Merrheim, Paddy discusses the position of 'Andromeda Heights' in his existing canon, and talks up 'Earth: The Story So Far.'

Jordan: The Highlights Interview - Shortly before the release of 'Jordan: The Comeback,' an EP was released with a few tracks and a short interview.  The interview has been provided here by Tsuji Mutsushi, and if you want the tracks you will have to buy the album!

Dave Fanning Interview 1984 / Dave Fanning Interview 1988 - A couple of appearances by Paddy on Dave Fanning's programme on RTE Radio 2, brought to you by the teamwork of John and Martin Foyle.

Andy Lyman NPR Interview 1988 - A piece about 'Langley Park,' from American station NPR, featuring interviews with Paddy and some other guests.  Brought to my attention by Mary and Kevin.

Manchester 1984 - An interview with Paddy after a gig in '84, provided by 'timon' and 'rock smith' from the forums.

Greenwich Sound Radio 1984 - Another '84 one, provided by Bob Pearce and 'rock smith.'

Richard Skinner 1990 - This aired on 25th August 1990, on BBC Radio 1, and was provided through the efforts of 'rivermoving' and 'Mr Tein'.

And finally, our exclusive interviews, conducted and submitted by legendary German DJ/journalist Arnd 'Arnie' Zeigler.  The first one is from 2001, and can be found here - the second, from 2009, here.