Cover Versions List
(or, 'Sprout Songs Done By Other People')

Various fans have requested a page keeping track of all the Sprout 'cover versions' that have been released - a term defined very broadly on this page as a song written by Paddy McAloon, then recorded by someone else.  Obviously there are dozens I don't know about, especially in the YouTube category, so if you know any then email me with the details.

Clicking the links will (hopefully) take you to a page where you can buy them, or simply where you can watch/listen to it.

Officially Released Covers:

Biquini Cavadao - Nao Faz Mal (brazilian version of 'When Love Breaks Down')
Cher - The Gunman
Danny Seward - Where The Heart Is
Davi Nao Ve Estrelas - Cars & Girls
Double Vision - When Love Breaks Down
The Editors - Bonny
Frances Ruffelle - God Watch Over You
Ivy - Cruel
James Fogle - Bonny
Jimmy Nail - Blue Roses
Jimmy Nail - Cowboy Dreams
Jimmy Nail - Dragons
Jimmy Nail - I'm A Troubled Man
Jimmy Nail - Love Will Find Someone For You
Joakim Milder - Desire As
Kate Walsh - When Love Breaks Down
Kathryn Tickell - When Love Breaks Down (renamed 'Signs')
Kylie Minogue - If You Don't Love Me
Lisa Stansfield - When Love Breaks Down
Louis Philippe - Nightingales
Manfred Mann - Dragons
Marcelo Rezende - When Love Breaks Down (iTunes link)
Nicolas Makelberge - Goodbye Lucille #1 (Johnny Johnny)
Olaf Schonborn's Q4 - When Love Breaks Down (iTunes link)
Orwell - Cars & Girls
Paolo Santos - When Love Breaks Down
Portastatic - When Love Breaks Down
Sondre Lerche - Nightingales
Spangle Call Lilli Line - Appetite
Teaser - When Love Breaks Down
Tommy-O - Dragons / When Love Breaks Down
Wendy Matthews - God Watch Over You
Wendy Matthews - Ride
The Zombies - When Love Breaks Down

Covers on Sproutnet:
(downloads - right click, 'save as')

James Fogle - Dublin (Fast) / Dublin (Slow)
Miracle Heartache - Appetite

Covers on YouTube:

Blumfeld - Electric Guitars (at 4.45 in)
The Boys Who Fell From The Sky - Dublin
Daniel Round - The King Of Rock 'N' Roll
Fabien Polair - We Let The Stars Go
Szűcs Krisztián - Cars & Girls
We Look Like Thomas Pynchon - Faron Young
Magni - Cars and Girls
Momus - Green Isaac Part 2

Covers on SoundCloud:

Rhodri Marsden - Don't Sing
Rhodri Marsden - The World Awake

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