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This page is less ambitious than most on the site - it is simply an attempt to list all of Prefab Sprout's UK album releases.  With the exception of Steve McQueen, the US releases were identical or non-existent, and I believe the story was much the same in the other countries of the world.  Paddy's solo album, I Trawl The Megahertz, is also included here, for the sake of simplicity.

Further down, I have also provided a helpful guide on how to find the rare, non-album Sprout tracks (since Sony won't let me just give them away on MP3!)  There is also a sort of 'un-discography,' a list of all the albums Paddy has mentioned over the years, but have never seen the light of day.

For hardcore collectors, Bedford McIntosh has an extremely comprehensive and complete discography over at his site, with all the catalog numbers and obscure singles - which was absolutely invaluable when I was trying to locate rare tracks.

For buying the albums you might want to try Amazon UK (buying items after clicking that link gives me a small commission.)

Swoon / March 1984

1. Don't Sing
2. Cue Fanfare
3. Green Isaac
4. Here on the Eerie
5. Cruel
6. Couldn't Bear to Be Special
7. I Never Play Basketball Now
8. Ghost Town Blues
9. Elegance
10. Technique
11. Green Isaac, Pt. 2

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Steve McQueen / June 1985

1. Faron Young
2. Bonny
3. Appetite
4. When Love Breaks Down
5. Goodbye Lucille #1
6. Hallelujah
7. Moving the River
8. Horsin' Around
9. Desire As
10. Blueberry Pies
11. When the Angels

* In the USA, this album was called 'Two Wheels Good,' after an objection from Steve McQueen's daughter, and the track 'Faron Young' was renamed 'Faron' for similiar reasons.  The US version also includes two bonus tracks, 'He'll Have To Go' and 'The Yearning Loins,' the latter of which can now be found on the 'Kings of Rock 'n' Roll' compilation.  One version of the release includes a 'Truckin' Mix' of Faron.  Thanks to Eric Verschuur for clarification on these details.

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Protest Songs / June 1989

1. The World Awake
2. Life of Surprises
3. Horsechimes
4. Wicked Things  
5. Dublin
6. Tiffanys
7. Diana
8. Talkin' Scarlet
9. Till the Cows Come Home
10. Pearly Gates

* Protest Songs was actually recorded very quickly, just a few months after Steve McQueen came out.  It was intended to be released for just one week, but the success of 'When Love Breaks Down' caused the album to be shelved for four years.  For the purposes of this discography, however, I have returned it to it's rightful place in history.

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From Langley Park To Memphis / March 1988

1. The King of Rock 'n' Roll
2. Cars and Girls
3. I Remember That
4. Enchanted
5. Nightingales
6. Hey Manhattan!
7. Knock on Wood
8. The Golden Calf  
9. Nancy (Let Your Hair Down For Me)
10. The Venus of the Soup Kitchen

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Jordan: The Comeback / September 1990

1. Looking for Atlantis
2. Wild Horses
3. Machine Gun Ibiza
4. We Let the Stars Go
5. Carnival 2000
6. Jordan: The Comeback
7. Jesse James Symphon
8. Jesse James Bolero
9. Moon Dog  
10. All the World Loves Lovers  
11. All Boys Believe Anything  
12. The Ice Maiden  
13. Paris Smith  
14. The Wedding March
15. One of the Broken  
16. Michael 
17. Mercy 
18. Scarlet Nights
19. Doo Wop In Harlem

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Andromeda Heights / May 1997

1. Electric Guitars
2. A Prisoner Of The Past
3. The Mystery Of Love
4. Life's A Miracle
5. Anne Marie
6. Whoever You Are
7. Steal Your Thunder
8. Avenue Of Stars
9. Swans
10. The Fifth Horseman
11. Weightless
12. Andromeda Heights

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The Gunman And Other Stories / June 2001

1. Cowboy Dreams
2. Wild Card In The Pack
3. I'm A Troubled Man
4. The Streets of Laredo/Not Long For This World
5. Love Will Find Someone For You
6. Cornfield Ablaze
7. When You Get To Know Me Better
8. The Gunman
9. Blue Roses
10. Farmyard Cat

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I Trawl The Megahertz / June 2003

1. i trawl the MEGAHERTZ
2. esprit de corps
3. fall from grace
4. we were poor…
5. orchid 7
6. i’m 49
7. sleeping rough
8. ineffable
9. …but we were happy

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Steve McQueen: Legacy Edition / April 2007


1. Faron Young
2. Bonny
3. Appetite
4. When Love Breaks Down
5. Goodbye Lucille #1
6. Hallelujah
7. Moving the River
8. Horsin' Around
9. Desire As
10. Blueberry Pies
11. When the Angels


1. Appetite
2. Bonny
3. Desire As
4. When Love Breaks Down
5. Goodbye Lucille #1
6. Moving the River
7. Faron Young
8. When the Angels

* Disc 1 is the original album, remastered in 2006 by original producer Thomas Dolby.  Disc 2 is a selection of tracks, re-arranged and re-recorded as 'acoustic versions' by Paddy himself.

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A Life Of Surprises / July 1992

1. The King of Rock 'n' Roll
2. When Love Breaks Down
3. The Sound of Crying
4. Faron Young
5. Carnival 2000
6. Goodbye Lucille #1
7. Cruel
8. I Remember That
9. Cars and Girls
10. We Let the Stars Go
11. Life of Surprises
12. Appetite
13. If You Don't Love Me
14. Wild Horses
15. Hey Manhattan!
16. All the World Loves Lovers

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38 Carat Collection / October 1999


1. Lions In My Own Garden
2. Don't Sing
3. Couldn't Bear To Be Special
4. When Love Breaks Down
5. Faron Young
6. Appetite
7. Johnny Johnny
8. Cars & Girls
9. The King Of Rock 'n' Roll
10. Hey Manhattan!
11. The Golden Calf
12. Looking For Atlantis
13. We Let The Stars Go
14. Carnival 2000
15. The Sound Of Crying
16. If You Don't Love Me
17. Life Of Surprises
18. A Prisoner Of The Past
19. Electric Guitars


1. Cue Fanfare
2. Cruel
3. Bonny
4. Movin' The River
5. Desire As
6. Horsin' Around
7. Pearly Gates
8. 'Til The Cows Come Home
9. Enchanted
10. I Remember That
11. Nightingales
12. Jordan: The Comeback
13. All The World Loves Lovers
14. Jesse James Bolero
15. Doo Wop In Harlem
16. Life's A Miracle
17. Swans
18. Andromeda Heights
19. Where The Heart Is

* In the USA, this is known as 'The Collection.'  Disc 1, Track 7 is actually 'Goodbye Lucille #1' - this release uses the title given to the song when it was released as a single.

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Kings Of Rock & Roll / November 2007


1. The King of Rock 'n' Roll
2. When Love Breaks Down
3. Cars and Girls
4. The Sound of Crying
5. The Golden Calf
6. Carnival 2000
7. Appetite
8. Moving The River
9. A Prisoner of the Past
10. The Yearning Loins
11. We Let The Stars Go
12. Nightingales
13. Johnny Johnny
14. Life of Surprises
15. Nero The Zero
16. Desire As
17. Bonny
18. Couldn't Bear To Be Special
19. Wild Horses


1. Faron Young
2. Hey Manhattan!
3. Don't Sing
4. If You Don't Love Me
5. Looking For Atlantis
6. Electric Guitars
7. I Remember That
8. Green Isaac
9. Here On The Eerie
10. Cruel
11. Swans
12. I Never Play Basketball Now
13. Donna Summer
14. The Ice Maiden
15. The Mystery of Love
16. Scarlet Nights
17. Anne Marie
18. Pearly Gates

* Disc 1, Track 13 is actually 'Goodbye Lucille #1' - this release uses the title given to the song when it was released as a single.

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Rare Track Guide 
Radio Love - This was the b-side of 'Lions,' the Sprouts' very first single, and that is still the only place where you can find it.  Martin reckons he has hundreds of copies in his loft, but you'll have more luck finding the Kitchenware re-releases, with catalog numbers SRTS82, SK4, SK8.

The Devil Has All The Best Tunes - This was the Sprouts' second single, which remains curiously obscure.  I found it on the original vinyl release (SK7), but a fan named Mick once sent me a version of it he had found on some obscure CD, named 'The Indie Scene 1983.'  Good luck tracking it down!

Walk On - The b-side of 'Devil.'  Your only chance to get this is again on vinyl, but as well as SK7, both tracks were bundled with the final 'Lions' re-release, number SK8.

He'll Have To Go - This appeared as a bonus track on 'Two Wheels Good,' the US release of Steve McQueen.  If you can be bothered, however, I think the version on the CD single of 'The King of Rock 'n' Roll' (CDSK37) is slightly better quality.  It is a cover version - Jim Reeves did the original.

Spinning Belinda - Another hard-to-find one, but a favourite among fans.  This was the b-side to 'Couldn't Bear To Be Special' (SK10, SK1012), but locating those is a bit of a lost cause.  Your best chance is to find it on SK2112, one of the numerous 'When Love Breaks Down' releases.

Silhouettes - This track is Wendy's one and only lead vocal, and was the b-side to 'Faron Young.'  There are two versions out there - a short version (on SK22) and a long version (on SKX22.)  My advice is to go for the long one (which also came with a 'Truckin' remix of 'Faron.')

Heaven Can Wait - This track is just an instrumental of 'When The Angels,' but is still worth your time, in my opinion.  You can find it on the single releases of 'Appetite' (SK23, SKX23, and SKDP23.)

Oh, The Swiss! - A bit of a throwaway effort, this is a very short piano instrumental.  It can only be found in one place, on the Appetite single, catalog number SKX23.

Real Life (Just Around The Corner) - You'll have more luck with this one, which is one of the best b-sides.  It can be found on the CD singles of 'Cars & Girls.'  (CDSK35, CDDSK35)

Your indispensable guide to all the Sprout tracks that were offically released, but haven't made it onto any of the albums or compilations above.  Obviously, I would provide MP3's of these tracks for you, but Sony BMG (the legal owners of all the individual Sprout songs) have asked me very nicely not to.  So instead, I have provided information on where you can find them - though your best bet may still be to trawl the internet.
Wigs - This curious song consists of the line 'he's the man who let the hatbox rule his head,' said in many different arragements.  It's strangely effective, though, and can be found on the various singles of 'Goodbye Lucille #1' - which was actually known as 'Johnny Johnny' for these releases.  (SK24, SKW24, SKX24)  They don't make it easy, do they?

The Guest Who Stayed Forever / Old Spoonface Is Back - These two tracks are quite reasonable efforts, but can only be found on SKX24 (another 'Johnny Johnny' single.)

Vendetta - Another fairly good one, which can again be found on the 'Cars & Girls' singles. (CDSK35, CDDSK35)

Dandy Of The Danube - A fairly gentle number, which you'll find on 'The King of Rock 'n' Roll' CD single. (CDSK37)

Tin Can Pot - The Sprouts' most 'rockin' song, worth getting just for the intro.  Not available on CD, but found on 'The King of Rock 'n' Roll' vinyl single, SKX37.

Tornado - Another gentle one.  This can be found on the 'Hey Manhattan!' CD single, CDSK38.

Bearpark - A beautiful track about a small town in the area where Paddy grew up.  This was only released as a 4-track demo, and is found on the 'Nightingales' singles.  There is a CD (CDSK39), but the vinyl (SKX39) seems to be a more common find.

Just Because I Can - After 'Bearpark,' this was the first new b-side for nine miserable years.  You can pick it up with ease, on one of the 'Prisoner Of The Past' singles. (SKCD70, SKZD70)

Dragons / The End Of The Affair / Girl I'm Here / Never Trust A Spell - The 'Electric Guitars' singles (SKCD71, SKZD71) gave us four fantastic new tracks, relics from Paddy's abandoned 'Knights in Armour' project.  These should be fairly easy to get your hands on, too.

There are also a few tracks in existence that were recorded, but never released.  You can find those on our audio page.

Unreleased Albums 
Famous Fakes - 'Faron Young' and 'Donna Summer' were going to be on this album, conceieved by Paddy in the 70's.  They were going to be songs using famous names, but not actually about the people.  'But,' Paddy adds, 'most of them were crap.'

Goodbye Lucille (The Album) - When the Sprouts first started, Paddy had the bold idea of writing 'an entire album with the same title for each song, the completely different tunes and subjects to be differentiated by numbers.'  Paddy felt that Goodbye Lucille #1, later to appear on Steve McQueen, was 'the only worthwhile result.'

Total Snow - Also known as 'A Symphony of Snowflakes.'  This was going to be a Christmas album, and was written in the mid-eighties.  Paddy reckoned he'd got it completely written, but wanted to 'get other people to sing on it.'  In the end, he did Langley Park instead, but still has a vague desire to do this.  One track was called 'The Madman on the Roof.'

Zorro the Fox - A possible film score, Paddy having been inspired by Thomas Dolby's soundtrack work post-Steve McQueen.  'I'm tentative talking about it because I know people will laugh,' Paddy said, about Zorro, 'but the thing is, I'm deadly serious about it.'  In the film, Zorro was going to ride a talking horse, and was 'not going to have much joy in his life, other than being good at what he does, which is to be a hero.'  One song from this project - Swans - turned up on 1997's Andromeda Heights.

Atomic Hymnbook - This album apparently consisted of 'secular gospel songs.'  'Songs about spiritual subjects,' none of which have appeared.

Behind the Veil - 'I've written an entire album about Michael Jackson,' Paddy said, in 1995.  One of the tracks was to be called 'Only The Boogie Music Will Never Let You Down,' which later became 'The Sound Of Crying' (with the lyrics changed - try singing it, it sounds great.)  There were also going to be tracks titled 'Unicorn in Trouble,' 'Danger and Me,' and 'Mr. Lightning Boots.'

The story was rather involved; a bell-hop at a hotel finds himself trapped in a lift with Michael Jackson, after a terrorist attack, and Princess Diana was there as well.  Then they went away to an island.  'It was a very, very unreal story,' Paddy comments.  'I might come back to it...but not anytime soon.'

Witton Gilbert: The Album - 'I have an album about my life with my brothers in a small place (and the songs are kind of about that atmosphere). It’s a pretty record, but they would only really get all the references.'  No idea when this was written, but the b-side 'Bearpark' could be a track.

Devil Came A-Calling - This album is apparently the 'mirror image' of Let's Change The World With Music, taking a darker, 'completely different view of the world.'

Paddy is well-known for having a wealth of material composed, but never released.  Just check out his 'repetoire' page on the BMI website - it seems like fans have yet to see half the songs he's written.  In 1999, Paddy talked about 'the triumphs I never had; my hypothetical career,' adding: 'I never thought I'd be kept awake at night thinking about all the stuff I hadn't recorded. I'm haunted by all these unrealised visions.'  In this section, I have compiled a list of the main projects brought to our attention over the years.  (Thanks to Bedford McIntosh, from who I borrowed most of the quotes.)
Earth: The Story So Far - Originally a single track on Let's Change The World With Music, Paddy decided (or was asked) to expand the idea into a whole album.  After amassing some thirty songs for the project, including one called 'Columbus Dreamed America', it all got a bit too much for him, and we are left with just the original track.

Knights in Armour - This was the project before Let's Change The World was written, and was apparently 'much lighter...very romantic.'  Most of the tracks from this album surfaced as b-sides on the Andromeda Heights singles.  It was also known as 'Billy Midnight.'

20th Century Magic - An album intended to 'soundtrack the millenial mindset,' including a delightful song entitled 'Twilight Of The Pimps,' about London's 'Millenium Dome.'  'Dear Tony, It's a bold idea/We could use an unloved dome round here,' were just some of the lyrics.  'I regret it not being out at the moment,' Paddy commented, in February 2000 - one can only wonder how he feels about it now.

Neon Opera - This long-rumoured project about city life will include a track of the same name, originally written for the vocal talents of Jimmy Nail.  Paddy claimed to have finished writing this in the summer of 2009.

Zero Attention Span - Described in a September 2009 issue of Mojo magazine as 'unflattering snapshots of today.'  An alternative title is alledgedly: 'England In Aspic – A Polaroid Taken By A Sozzled Brit Stumbling Out Of A Nightclub.' 

Digital Diva - Also mentioned in that issue of Mojo, this album allegedly includes more than thirty songs, written in response to 'the way Paddy concieves music since the onset of tinnitus in one ear three years ago.'  Paddy wants to record this using a 'virtual vocalist.'

Doomed Poets Vol. 1/Elegy For A Ramraider - These have been mentioned, and I suspect they are related, or at least were.  Paddy says Doomed Poets is 'half instrumental, half about modern kids.'

Geoff & Isolde - 'It’s like an opera, but with tiny bits,' Paddy claims. 'I can see that this’ll take me a long time to do as well...'

Blue Unicorn - 'I wrote an album called Blue Unicorn in the past couple of months,'  Paddy said, in September 2009.  'But that’s not what I should be working on. I should be programming up older stuff that needs to be out there.'  Quite right!

Enter the Trumpets - This was first mentioned in December 2009, but we don't yet know anything except the title.

Let's Change The World With Music / September 2009

1. Let There Be Music
2. Ride
3. I Love Music
4. God Watch Over You
5. Music Is A Princess
6. Earth: The Story So Far
7. Last Of The Great Romantics
8. Falling In Love
9. Sweet Gospel Music
10. Meet The New Mozart
11. Angel Of Love

* Let's Change The World With Music was composed and recorded in demo form back in 1992, but rejected by the record label.  This release is actually Paddy's original demo, performed entirely by him back in '92, but slightly remastered by Calum Malcolm in 2009.  So if you are listening to the albums in chronological order, this should come right after Jordan: The Comeback.

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