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This section has photos of the Sprouts, compiled from various different sources - so obviously any copyrights still very much belong to them.  If you find any new photos on your internet travels, please feel free to send them in, and they'll be added right away.  Or if you're creative, why not draw a bit of 'fan art?'  I bet the band members love that kind of thing...
Promotional Photos

These are photos distributed by the band's various record labels over the years.  I got them off Bedford's website, where he says you can't use these for commerical purposes - so make sure you don't!
John Birch's Collection

John Birch literally wrote the book on the Sprouts - it was called 'Myths, Melodies & Metaphysics.'  As such, he has a quite formidable collection of photos, a collection which was passed onto me in 2006 by Jim Williams.

These sketches of the band were drawn by a man called Wayne Brierley.  Check out some more of his stuff on this page.
Golden Calf Video Shoot

As you might expect, these are pictures taken from the shooting of the 'Golden Calf' video.  You can see a double exposure from this set here, and the finished video here.
Live In Belgium - 31st May 1984

All of these are the copyright of Philippe Carly of, who has kindly given me permission to host 30.8% of the set - 0.8% more than he usually allows!  The entire set of 26 can be viewed here.

Live In Munich - 2nd December 1985

These stills were captured by Jim Williams, from the bootleg Sprout DVD that is floating about.  The videos themselves are available (appropriately enough) on the video page.
From The Internet

This section is a home for all the Sprout pictures of unknown origins, tracked down on the net by various fans, mostly on google's image search.  If you find any new ones, get them sent in!
From Alison McKelvie

Alison sent me these pictures she'd discovered amongst her possessions, inherited from Joe Grimes, a former boyfriend who had gone on tour with the Sprouts (as photographer and caterer!)  She adds: 'When Paddy couldn't get the rights to call the album Steve McQueen in the States, he joked in the NME that he was going to call it Joe Grimes after a 'superfan'!  That was his claim to fame - I have heard that he now runs his own record label in Australia called Sound of Melbourne records.'