Paddy McAloon Interview - June 2001

A sproutnet exclusive, this interview was carried out (and sent in) by Arnd Zeigler.  He says:

"It was recorded in June 2001 in Cologne, Germany and has never been released anywhere.  It's an interview for German "Radio Bremen 4" (that's the station I am working for) and it was recorded on a promotional tour for the Gunman album. "

It's a (very interesting!) one-sided interview, so it's presented here as individual files.  You should get some idea of the topics from the titles.

1. Paddy on "Gunman..."
2. Paddy on concept albums
3. Paddy on America and Cowboys
4. Paddy on his new record company
5. Paddy on record companies again
6. Paddy on unreleased albums
7. Paddy on unreleased tunes
8. Paddy on internet fan websites
9. Paddy on unreleased albums again
10. ...and again
11. Paddy on his way of working and about Brian Wilsons "SMILE"
12. Paddy on "SMILE"
13. Paddy on all previous Prefab Sprout albums
14. Paddy on "Steve McQueen"
15. Paddy on B-Sides
16. Paddy on "Radio Love" and "Cherry Tree"
17. Paddy on the nineties, and why he took such a big gap
18. Paddy on "Dragons," "End Of The Affair," "Never Trust a Spell"
19. Paddy on "Just Because I Can"
20. Paddy on cover versions
21. Paddy on Costello, bacharach and collaborations with other artists

(All files, in zip format)

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