Paddy McAloon Interview - September 2009

On the 3rd September 2009, Arnd Zeigler headed to County Durham to conduct an interview with Paddy McAloon - something of a follow-up to his earlier effort in 2001.  This time, the key topic was the release of 'Let's Change The World With Music,' and some questions from members of the Sproutnet message board were answered.

As before, it's a one-sided interview, so you'll need to consult the titles to know what subject is being discussed.  If you want to save the files, you can right-click on them and click 'save as.'

1. How does he feel about the release of the album
2. About Sony rejecting the album
3. Were the songs familiar to you, or were they strangers
4. About his matured voice
5. On the brilliant reviews
6. What makes a record timeless
7. On the missing title track
8. Paddy on boxes of unreleased music under his bed
9. Paddy on doubts about releasing his stuff
10. Who had the idea to get LCTWWM released
11. What has technically been done to the songs
12. On quality and state of other unreleased albums
13. Do the positive reviews influence him on probably releasing more unreleased albums
14. On possibly working with Thomas Dolby again
15. Why was it not a full band album
16. Is the new album a sign for a change in his philosophy to be quite protective about his own music
17. On spirituality of this album
18. On Yawning Caves Of Blue
19. On his health problems
20. On the function of his beard - mask or shelter
21. On Michael Jackson
22. On his Michael Jackson Musical
23. Paddy on new music and old music (Part 1)
24. Paddy on new music and old music (Part 2)
25. Answers to several Sproutnet questions

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