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Despite what you might think (or what I might tell you sometimes), this is not the only Prefab Sprout website out there.  There are plenty of others, all with their own unique approach, and this page is a directory of them.  As usual, if you come across any new sites, let me know.
Sprout Websites

Sproutology - This site combines a gigography, photographs, collectibles, music, interviews and every shred of Prefab Sprout history that can be found anywhere. The most up-to-date Prefab Sprout on the WWW

A Life Of Surprises - This great site is designed and maintained by Fernando Higa, and has loads of great stuff, including interviews, guitar chords, screen savers, and comprehensive information on John Birch's fanzine.  The site is also available in Spanish.

The Prefab Sprout Songbook - A nicely designed website, though a bit obselete now I've uploaded my lyrics section!  What it does offer is a chance to read the sleeve notes if, like me, you own some albums electronically.

Swoon - The world's only French Prefab Sprout website, maintained by Jean-François Le Douarin, has loads of great material.  If you speak French, that is.

Prefab Sprout: Classic Or Dud - This is a very long and hefty thread that was sent to me by Jim Williams.  There's all sorts of great stuff in there, if you can be bothered to look through it.

Appetite - This site has been offline for years, but is still available through the magic of  It's got a wonderful spirit and lots of nice information, so worth a look.

One-Off Articles

Leonard's Lair: Nottingham Live Review - A very insightful review about a performance from the band's 2000 tour.

On Second Thought - Stylus Magazine re-evaluates 'Two Wheels Good' for today's music lovers, and catches onto some good ideas.

Sprout-Related Sites

The Other Sproutnet - You can imagine my disbelief when, shortly after launching this site, I realised that there was already a site called 'sproutnet!'  Not only that, but it's an internet hub for  commercial sprout growers, who claim to perform 'sprout research' in their 'sprout testing lab.'  You couldn't make it up, eh?

Jamie McGarry Dot Com - After putting in all this work, I couldn't very well miss out on a chance to plug my site.  When I'm not doing this, I've been known to write the odd book, and this is where you can get your hands on them.

Other Artists

Lloyd Cole - Often popular with Sprout fans, Lloyd makes other artists look bad by maintaining a superb website himself.  Lloyd has tablature for 'Lions In My Own Garden', given to Lloyd by none other than Paddy himself.

Thomas Dolby - the site and forum of the legendary Prefab Sprout collaborator and producer.