Oh Joshua

Oh brother, what a fool I've been.
Oh brother, if only I could sing.

Three wild horses and peppermint
are all you need to make an ampitheatre.
It's so strange, but I believed it all along.

I turned into a lightning conductor.
Now mother, what belongs to me?
Now mother, as far as I can see.

And a hall of mirrors, and a sleeping cow,
forked-tongued beauty and an isotope.
But I must laugh, ha ha,
at the handful of oysters in their shell.
I left them crying in the bath.

Oh Billy Smart, where do you fit in?
Oh Joshua, on the first day you came.
I could tell you were a polar bear,
but in a court of law I couldn't swear.

Upon my word, I jumped the goods train on my own,
long ago.  There's nothing left for them to disown.

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