The Glass Slipper

(This is a nightmare as far as lyrics go - for parts of it there are two different songs being sung at the same time, one in each earphone.  If you can help with some of the missing bits, please do write in.)

Panned Left:

She slipped and grazed
Her perfect wings
On the frosted surface of his

Later at home
Paint toenails blue
The colour seems to suit her mood as
She imagines you

But when he comes, his hands are cold
His imagination puerile
He simply won't be told

Come to me, becomes routine
Up the garden path
Love and care, stand over there
Looking for a job

The other boys were calling from the bar and the slot machines
The king in peagreen rugby shirt and she his kitchen queen
I have the heels of the glass slipper
(?) dance till my sandal's back snaps

Panned Right:

We've sad wings
A cage is a lonely thing my love
The sky's so thoroughly
As you are everything to me

Change your name
Let it become the same my love
Would a rose smell sweet
Plucked and planted in the street

Just like Joyce
Love has no single voice my love
While she may scream out loud
She's only one in such a crowd

One more guise
I'm changing before your eyes my love
Don't write me off too soon my love

Look it's snowing
And the sky is bitter blue
Said it's snowing
And I am going for a walk

These sad wings
A cage is an awful thing my love


Damn sleighbells peal
And silver heels refract her light, and I'll pass by
Well trained dogs throw and fetch
Beck and call, hide and seek
Is that all?
She'll be the first to speak
While he thinks this is something

Panned Left:

His wooden face
His ruddy cheeks
Overdressed or wordly expressed
So (?) he speaks

(?) poem
A perfect hour
Deep down through reservoir
Somewhere in the dark

His queen his belle
Decides she'll stay
Despite the circumstances
And the every day

Panned Right & Both:

(as above)

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