So you've gone into the media section, probably in search of some free stuff.  Well you're in luck, I've put up links to all the videos available on the net, and some very interesting audio interviews.  But as ever, if you've got something I haven't, send it in.
Note: The MP3 downloads (rarities, b-sides, live recordings and so on) have been removed at the request of Sony BMG, who apparently own the rights to every Sprout song ever.  Even the ones that weren't released!  But we have got some:

Audio Interviews


KCRW O'Donohue Interview Excerpts

Not a lot of speaking, but some classic clips of Paddy fooling around on an old piano followed by an acoustic performance of Jimmy Webb's 'Wichita Lineman.'  This unmissable gem was sent in by Jim Williams.


'Mixing It' Interview 2003

Jim also provided this interview with Paddy about his solo project 'I Trawl The Megahertz.' It was broadcast on Radio 3, on the 16th March 2003, on the programme 'Mixing It.'


Swedish Radio 1990
Andromeda Heights Interview 1997
I Trawl The Megahertz Interview 2003
BBC 6 Music Interview June 2003

These great interviews that were sent to me by another generous soul, name of Anselm.  They're all fascinating, and well worth your time.


Swedish TV Interview (Part 1)
Swedish TV Interview (Part 2)

These files are from an interview on Swedish TV that was sent in by Jessmols.


BBC Radio 1 Interview 1988

This true raritity was sent in by James Littlewood, and was recorded for BBC Radio 1's 'The Stereo Sequence.'  It was recorded off an old tape, so sound quality varies.


BBC Radio 1 Interview 1992

Another one off an old tape sees Paddy on 'The Nicky Campbell Show' talking about songwriting and his heroes.  It was sent in by Kevin Brennan.


Jordan: The Highlights Interview

Shortly before the release of 'Jordan: The Comeback,' an EP was released with a few tracks and a short interview.  The interview has been provided here by Tsuji Mutsushi, and if you want the tracks you will have to buy the album!


Dave Fanning Interview 1984
Dave Fanning Interview 1988

A couple of appearances by Paddy on Dave Fanning's programme on RTE Radio 2, brought to you by the teamwork of John and Martin Foyle.


Andy Lyman NPR Interview 1988

A piece about 'Langley Park,' from American station NPR, featuring interviews with Paddy and some other guests.  Brought to my attention by Mary and Kevin.


And finally, an exclusive interview from 2001, conducted and sent in by Arnd Zeigler.  You can find that one itemised on this page.

These have all been uploaded (for your viewing pleasure) onto YouTube, which is basically just a big video site.

Promotional Videos

When Love Breaks Down
The Sprout's first video, and one for all you leaf lovers out there.

This was on the old offical site, apparently from the 'Protest Songs' sessions.

The Golden Calf
'Yeah, I'm into Sprouts!' This video comes to you live from 'Acapulco Rolfs.'
Life of Surprises
A quite odd entry, but just check out that glowing crossroads!
Carnival 2000
This is one of the better ones, but is still a little bit arty for it's own good.

Johnny Johnny
Goodbye Lucille?  Yep, no sign of her.  But for some reason, this is great.

A Prisoner Of The Past
Creepy stuff, but for some reason every video in 1997 looked like this. 

If You Don't Love Me
For me, this is the best Sprout video - all the band are in it, and it's fun.

We Let The Stars Go
Classy, well made vid.  It includes all the band, and really suits the song.

Cowboy Dreams
Definitley the classiest video, which also comes with a nifty outtakes reel.

Cars and Girls
Back to the '80s for this cheese-a-thon, but at least it's straightforward.
King Of Rock 'n' Roll
The word 'bizarre' just doesn't quite cut it here.  Hot dog, anyone?


King Of Rock 'N' Roll
The Sprouts' 'Top Of The Pops' appearance, and they really do give it some!

The Gunman Interview
A strangely one-sided interview with Paddy and Martin, in 2001.
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Music Box 1990
Paddy talks about his various records, and a few video segments are played.

Video File 1990
Paddy back in Ireland, talking to what appears to be the world's most Irish man.  Impressive!
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Fleadh Festival 2000
Three brilliant songs from the Sprout's set at Fleadh:
Cowboy Dreams
Cars & Girls
When Love Breaks Down

The Highwayman
Paddy live on Irish TV, with Jimmy Webb.  This is also available on MP3 here.

When Love Breaks Down
The whole performance from 'Top of The Pops' in 1985.  Very soulful.

Cruel, live on 'The Tube' in 1984.  It's great, though the start is a little weird...

When Love Breaks Down
From 'The Old Grey Whistle Test' in 1985. You can also get the MP3 here.

Prisoner Of The Past
Bob Monkhouse, allegedly a big fan, introduces them on the National Lottery '97.

Munich 1985
What can I say - an entire Prefab Sprout concert, right here, on video:
Moving the River
Goodbye Lucille #1
When Love Breaks Down
Lions In My Own Garden
When The Angels
Faron Young

A mostly straightforward video, with some of the worst facial hair on record.
Looking For Atlantis
A pleasant and cheerful video, with a lot of running about in white suits.
Hey Manhattan!
If I ever I regret not living through the 80's, I put this on and the feeling passes.

The Sound Of Crying
The floating, handwritten lyrics are a nice touch, but I hope you like modern art!

Electric Guitars
A nice, classy video, with some clever use of grainy old footage.

Channel 4 1988
A bitesize interview with '80's executive' Paddy.
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Shibuya HMV Interview
A great clip of Paddy on Japanese TV, talking about the '38 Carat Collection.'

Cars & Girls
A smart beard and a tight skirt are found at the Ibiza Music Festival in 1988.
Looking For Atlantis
A sprited performance on 'Wogan' in 1990.  Whatever happened to that guy?

King Of Rock 'N' Roll
The Sprouts close an episode of 'Motormouth.'
I hope you like credits...

Goodbye Lucille #1
Just Paddy and Wendy, on an as-yet-unidentified TV programme.

When Love Breaks Down
As performed on 'Hold Tight,' a gameshow filmed at Alton Towers.

Swedish TV 2003
A lengthy piece conducted for SVT2, to promote 'I Trawl The Megahertz.'
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 -
Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 -
Part 7 - Part 8

Faron Young
Another TV performance of unknown origins, but none the worse for it.

I Remember That
This great video was never released - it was lost in the midsts of time.  Until now!