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This page is for anything appearing on the site that doesn't really fit into the other sections, or for pages that have served their purpose, and would otherwise be cast away into the midsts of time.  Explore at your own risk!
Cover Versions List - This page, requested by demanding visitors, is a list of all the covers of Sprout songs released (or simply uploaded) over the years.  An invaluable resource!

Sproutnet Interviews Martin McAloon - In perhaps my finest hour, I hosted a feature called 'Ask Martin,' where visitors could send in questions for founding Sprout member Martin McAloon.  I then travelled up to Newcastle, and posed the questions to him on video.  You can see the whole thing by clicking the link above.

'Freedom Of Durham' Campaign - In March 2008, there was a campaign to give Paddy the 'keys to the city' of Durham.  At the time, it was quite big news, and appeared in several local papers.  Click the link above to see some further information.

Martin McAloon on Andromeda Heights - In July 2007, Peter Whitfield took it upon himself to interview Martin and get some fascinating insight into the Sprouts' 1997 album 'Andromeda Heights.'

Steve McQueen: Legacy Edition - Although now mostly redundant, this page was home to all the information about the Steve McQueen 'Legacy Edition', before its release in 2007.  Still worth a visit, you can get some general facts about the album and single, and download the official press releases.

The Great Sprout Survey - In August 2007, I held a census for Sprout fans all over the world, asking all the most important questions to get an overview of where we are and what we like.  The results are immortalised here.

Swoon Cover Debate - A long standing question among fans is 'what is that on the front of Swoon?'  In the first month of this site's operation, Douglas Merk sent in a diagram explaining it, and some other fans got their opinions in as well.

Let's Change The World With Music: Fan Reviews - Shortly after the aforementioned album was released, I requested some reviews from sproutnet visitors, which you can still read here.