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As this site opens, there are many rumours circulating about new Sprout releases.  For starters there is the Steve McQueen 'Legacy Edition,' which looks pretty certain to be here sooner or later - check out the listings on on amazon,, and cd universe.

However when I first heard about it it was the 20th anniversary special's now described as the 21st anniversary edition.  Plus, the original mid-July release date that appeared on the above sites has been and gone.

It is supposed to have the original album completely re-mastered by Thomas Dolby, no less, and include some acoustic versions that were recorded last year.  He confirms this on his blog, and in another entry he indicates a visit to Paddy to listen to 'some of his new songs.'

Please try to not get overly excited at this off-the-cuff comment.  Remember to look after your blood pressure!

Rumour has it that Paddy has come up with the idea of recording acoustic versions because it was that or the b-sides, and he doesn't feel they are suitable for public consumption.


I am proud to say that, as of today, Sproutnet is completely finished.  The lyrics to every song are now available in the lyrics section, and every Sprout rarity in my possession is now available in the media section - including a video of an entire concert, which I uploaded just a few seconds ago.  That doesn't, however, mean that every Sprout raritity in existance is in there. Check here for a list of known stuff that I am missing.

I'm afraid there is still nothing to report about the Steve McQueen Legacy Edition (which regular visitors will remember included the entire album both remastered by Thomas Dolby, and performed acousticly by Paddy himself.)  But rest assured, I am keeping my eyes open, and if there's any announcement of a release date it will be on here before you can say 'about time too!'


I've been sent some new rarities today by a chap called D. Nagakura, namely live sessions of Diana and Faron Young.  Worth a listen!


There's a new live recording available for download on the media page, from the Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, in 1985.  Thanks to Alan for sending that one!

I've also been promised various DVD's and tapes, so look out for those coming soon  Oh, and there's still no re-release news.


Another new bootleg up thanks to Alan - Manchester, 1985.  It's great, and what's more I've discovered that the host has been automatically creating zip files for these.  So you can get the new one simply by clicking here, and I'll add some zip links to the media page for the others.


And yet ANOTHER new live concert from Alan!  This one is particularly great, from Lancaster in 1984.  As ever, you can find individual links and comments on the media page, and a zip file here.


Plenty of stuff happened today: another two concerts from Alan (London 1984, Dublin 2000), a concert from Mr. Nagakura (Hammersmith 1986) and, at last, an explanation of the 'Swoon' cover from Douglas Merk (which you can find here.)


Just when you thought it was safe to go on the media page...I have recieved another bundle of material from Jess in Denmark, including concerts from Copenhagen 1990, Fleadh Festival 2000, and various early demos.  Plus there's another video interview coming along soon, if I can sort out the problems with it.


Sorry to end what has been a great first month of Sproutnet on a downer, but I have recieved word from a source close to Thomas Dolby that the Steve McQueen re-release is 'up in the air due to Paddy's health problems.'

The video interview too eludes me for the time being, but I have recorded the audio from them (which is almost as good) and put that on the now rather full media page.  Thanks to Jessmols for that.


A true rarity for you today, an interview with Paddy on Radio 1 in 1988, going through some of the tracks on 'Langley Park.'  You can download it here, and was very kindly sent to me on an old tape by James Littlewood.


A quiet week so far...unless, that is, you are hankering for a CD version of 'Devil,' or an extended version of 'The World Awake' (sent in by Mick and Johnny respectively.)


Three pieces of Sprout news for you today, courtesy of Arnd Zeigler:

  • A German triphop trio DJ project called "International Pony" have just released a new album, available through Amazon, which contains a track called "Still So Much" which is based on a sampled part of the Banjo solo featured in "Cowboy Dreams."

  • The Munich 1985 concert which appears on my media page is also available to buy on DVD - if you can't find it for free - on this site.

  • A Frenchman called Louis Philippe will release a live version of 'Nightingales' on his website sometime later this year.  Arnd describes it as 'lovely.'

And if that wasn't enough for you, Arnd has sent in audio files from an interview with Paddy he carried out in 2001 - which was never made available anywhere else.  You can hear my first exclusive here.


Today there is a new set of photos in the gallery, courtesy of Philippe Carly. I've also redesigned the media section so that each bootleg has it's own page.  Not only is it much neater this way, it lets you lot send in your memories or opinions on each gig and have them printed - so get on that!


A lovely new live recording for you today, and as it's one from 2000 you know it's going to be a) lengthy and b) quite well recorded.  So thanks to Anselm for sending it in, and you can get it over here.


Your Sprout fix for today is located near the bottom of the media page - a new remix and a new video interview are there, side by side, and courtesty of David Gladwin and Anselm respectively.


The time has finally come, and I'm off to university.  As such I will be unreachable between now and whenever I get the internet working over there!

However, before I go I'd just like to thank everyone who's contributed to sproutnet over the summer - I might have done the design, but it's been you lot who have provided most of the content.  So well done!


I've returned, only to find my empire crumbling a little bit.  It seems the old host has got wise to me, and has taken down the three rarities discs and that offically released live version of 'Bonny.'  These will have to stay down until someone comes along with 300 megabytes of web space they are prepared to offer.

Having said that, if you're reading this and thinking either 'I've got loads of web space!' or 'I know a guy with stuff like that!' then get in touch, quick!

(The October 2006 news posts got accidentally deleted, though I expect not much happened.)


Good news Sproutheads, I finally have the entire Portsmouth 1990 gig in my hands - and I will be uploading it ASAP.  Until then, I'd just like to thank whoever sent it to me (along with two of the fanzine CD's and a teatowel) and ask them if they could email me with their name, so I can give credit where it's due!  (I can't seem to find the old emails which pertained to it.)

Edit: And here it is!  Enjoy!


More good news, a lovely lady called Danielle has furnished me with the entire 'King Of Rock N Roll' Top of the Pops performance, and you can see it here.  She's also sent some of the missing videos, and a fella called Jamal has helped out too, but 'Carnival 2000' is still missing in action.  Let me know if you can help out!

Oh, and I'm also working on a remastered, more comprehensive set of rarities downloads, so look out for those sometime next week.  There'll be a little bit of new stuff, and loads more CD versions.


It's all change on the media page today - all rarities have been reorganised and remastered.  By that I mean, a bit of hiss removal there, a bit of equalising there - think of it as a spring clean, but in November.  And there are a few new tracks as well, but it's up to you to spot them!

And can the person who sent me the Portsmouth gig and the fanzine CD's please get in touch, I can't for the life of me remember who you are, and you deserve a credit.


Steve on the forums has this to say today:

"According to the new Record Collector "Steve McQueen Expanded Edition" is due sometime in February. No other details are given - its on their list of albums with release dates. Fingers crossed!"


Some VERY interesting news today.  The Ulster Herald reports that there is a mysterious new covers album coming out locally, and one of the contributors is our very own Paddy McAloon, who is apparently doing 'Going Home.'  You can apparently buy it here - and if you do, let me know how it was!


Re: Saturday's news, it is in fact NOT our very own Paddy McAloon.  It's a different one.  Sorry!  If anyone bought the CD, I hope you enjoy it regardless.  :P


I am finally back from university today, and someone has emailed me with details of two new videos up on youtube - the whole 'Whistle Test' performance, and some sort of interview with Paddy at a Japanese HMV.


Today I have the pleasure of telling you all about an evening of Prefab Sprout music being held in Edinburgh by sproutnet contributor Johnny Munro.  It is taking place on the 21st December, in the Cameo Cinema Bar (38 Home Street, Tollcross) from 9.00 pm.  So if you're around there, I suggest you go along!  You can see the poster for it here.

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