Tuning:  EbAbC#F#BbEb  (i.e. down half step)

Capo 4th Fret (though transcribed as standard)

Intro riff  (listen to record for rhythm)

Fmaj7     Em7  Dm [Am7]

Fmaj7Em7      Dm[Am7]
I've spent the days of my vanity
I'm lost to heaven and I'm lost to earth
Em7            Dm                [Am7]
Didn't give you a minutes-not even moments

All my life in a tower of foil      
Em7   Dm     [Am7] 
Shaded feelings: "I don't believe you!"
When you were there before my eyes
Em7      Dm                 
No one planned it, took it for granted . . .

Chorus 1:
GDm           [G]   Fmaj7 (riff)
I count the hours since you slipped away
GDm           [G]   Fmaj7 (riff)
I count the hours that I lie awake
GDm           [G]   Fmaj7 (riff)
I count the minutes and the seconds too
GDm                      [G]  
All I stole and I took from you   -But
Fmaj7 (riff)
Bonny don't live at home (repeat)
Em7                          Dm
Words don't hold you, 
[Am7]      Fmaj7
Broken soldiers

Intro Riff

Chorus 2:
G   Dm      [C]
All my silence and my strained respect
G   Dm      [C]
Missed chances and the same regrets
G   Dm      [C]
Kiss the thief and you save the rest
G      Dm            [C]
All my insights in retrospect-But
Fmaj7 (riff)
Bonny don't live at home (repeat)

Chorus 1:

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