Tuning:  EbAbC#F#BbEb  (i.e. down half step)


Intro: Bm9  Cm9   Bm   Bm7
Bm9  Cm9  Bm7
Bm9  Cm9   Bm   Bm7
Dmaj7 Cdim

Bm9   Cm9    Bm  Bm7  Bm9  Cm9     Bm7     Bm9   Cm9   Bm   Bm7    Dmaj7 
Cruel is the gos -pel  that sets us all free and takes you away   from   me
Cdim                  Bm7  A    Gm     Bm
    There is no Chicago  urban   blues
A   Bm    Cmaj7    BmA
More heartfelt than my   lament for you
         Bm F#m          Gmaj7        Em
I'm a liberal guy:      too cool  for the macho ache
Bm F#m Gmaj7          Em
With a secret tooth for the cherry on the cake
Bm F#m                Gmaj7  Em
With a pious smile, a smile that changes what I say
BmF#m          Gmaj7       Em
While I waste my time in regretting that the days
   Cm9     Cm9*  Bm9      Bbm9/Bm9
Went from perfect to just     okay.

Em       A               
Lordy, what would I do?
         F#m      Fdim       Bb11sus4
Don't call me possessive (but God if he's smooching with you!)
I's a jealous boy root
F#m    Fdim       Bb11sus4
The world should be free (but don't you go following suit!)
My heart is aligned
F#m          FdimBb11sus4
It couldn't be neutral (I couldn't be that way inclined)
A       F#mD       Em
It's hard to defend, ba ba ba ba ba ba these feelings my tuppentup friend
      A       F#m       D      Em
It's cruel, ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba  (repeat x2)
      A         A13
It's cruel, it's crueler than cruel, but . . . (repeat intro)

            Bm7  A    Gm      Bm A
Should a love be tender, or bleed out loud?
  Bm           Cmaj7 Bm         A
Or be tougher than tough,  and prouder than proud?
          Bm       F#m          Gmaj7          Em
If I'm troubled by every folding of your skirt,
        Bm   F#m            Gmaj7            Em
Am I guilty of every male-inflicted hurt?
         Bm                F#m          Gmaj7               Em
But I don't know how to describe the modern rose
Bm          F#m               Gmaj7                 Em
When I can't refer to the shape against her clothes
   Cm9  Cm9*  Bm9      Bbm9/Bm9
With the fever of purple prose.

Bm7  A     Gm      Bm
My contribution to urban blues

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