(transcription Martin Phee)

Capo VI fret

Intro:   Fmaj7    G    Cmaj7    Am     Dm7  E7

Verse 1

     Am   F       G
The first time I saw you I realised at once
            Cmaj7    Am          Dm7     E7
You were an angel in torment how could I desert you?
  Am                        F               G            Cmaj7
I vowed in that moment that nothing in this world or any other
      Am   Dm7         E7
Would ever threaten or hurt you

Fmaj7   GCmaj7     Am
Dragons rage outside your door
Dm7      E7   Am
I'm on my way   to save you
Fmaj7  G      Cmaj7 Am
Demons wage unholy  war
Dm7           E7    Am        Dm7      E7
I'm on my way    to save you          

Verse 2
    Am7         F        G
The forces of darkness may mobilise one hundred million 
Cmaj7      Am      Dm7          E7
Demons, an army to keep you far from me
  Am                           F           G           
Determined to stop me, they'll spend eternity regretting 
Cmaj7     Am7       Dm7     E7
they ever crossed me - they'll suffer, believe me

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