Faron Young

Tuning:  EbAbC#F#BbEb  (i.e. down half step)

Capo 2nd Fret (though transcribed as standard)

Intro riff


Am-riff      Dm                      Am-riff
Antiques!  Every other sentiment an antique
  Dm                          Dm7
As obsolete as warships in the Baltic
   Am-riff    Dm                           Am-riff
I'm driving    on a straight road, it never alters
       Dm                          Dm7
And the radio serenades and doesn't falter

Bridge 1:
C          F                     G
You offer  infrared instead of sun
C         F                       G
You offer paper spoons and bubble gum

Am-riff               Dm                         Am-riff
Late sky-like an all-night radio station without morning
    Dm                                Dm7
Like stumbling on Pearl Harbor without warning

Bridge 2:
C          F                   G
You offer  infrared instead of sun
C         F                          
You offer bubble gum

D           Dmaj7  A                      Gmaj7
You give me Faron  Young, four in the morning

EmBm  Em    Bm
Every mother's son romantic,
GmC         Am-riff
Every mother's son is frantic

The sunset makes a fence out of the forest
Dm        Dm7Am-riff
And here I am with head inside the bonnet
I've lost just what it takes to be honest


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