Horsin' Around

Tuning:  EbAbC#F#BbEb  (i.e. down half step)

A7:  575655    A7*:  575675

Intro: A7 / A7* x8

1.   Cmaj7      Gmaj7  C7
It's me again: you're worthless friend or foe
  D   D7           Gmaj7 A7 / A7* x3        Dmaj7
I somehow let that lovely creature down, horsin' around,  horsin' around

2.    Cmaj7   Gmaj7   C7
Some things we check and double check and lose
D           D7          Gmaj7A7 / A7* x3Dmaj7
I guess I let that little vow get lost, forgettin' the cost, forgettin' the cost

BbA7 / A7*
Quick to forgive and so slow to blame
Cmaj7        A7 / A7*        Dmaj7
The very thought fills me with shame
(but that didn't stop it happenin')

3.  Cmaj7       Gmaj7 C7
The thrill of it-can I call it that?-was cheap
DD7       Gmaj7
And feeling cheap's the only thing you keep

    A7        Bm7   Gmaj7
It's so un-sightly to walk from her arms so lightly
A7/A7*      Em7Gmaj7
Selling it all up the Sewanee

Bridge:  D   A7G   Cmaj9

D   A
Horsin' around's a serious business
The last thing you'd want's somebody to witness
I was the fool who'd always presumed that
I'd wear the shoes and you'd be the doormat
You wonder why my hand's are still shakin'?
In need of a cry?  These shoulders are taken.
Gmaj  A etc.
I deserve to be kicked so badly
You deserve more than I sold you for. . .

4.[same as 3 above]
The moral is, whatever elseyou learn:
You shouldn't let that lovely creature down.
Lord just blind me, don't let her innocent eyes remind me.
Selling it all up the Sewanee

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