Life Of Surprises

Amaj7    B
You can keep the good times righteousness
E    F#m
  The best parting line
   Amaj7   B  E     F#m
Rather then pretend we are A1 ultrafine
      Amaj7     B        E       F#m
Shall I be the first then to say what we have found
    Amaj7        B      E      F#m
There's something in our lifetime won't let us settle down

Ab7       C#m     Amaj7      F#m
Darling it's a life of surprises
Ab7           C#m      Amaj7     F#m
It's no help growing older or wiser
Ab7         C#m             Amaj7     F#m
You don't have to pretend you're not crying
Ab7           C#m             Amaj7     F#m
When it's even in the way that you're walking

      Amaj7     B       E       F#m
Never let your conscience be harmful to your health
       Amaj7     B      E    F#m
Let no neurotic impulse turn inward on itself
          Amaj7     B     E       F#m
Just say that you were happy, as happy would allow
          Amaj7     B       E      F#m
And tell yourself that that will have to do for now


B6      F#m7/B
Never say you're bitter Jack
B6      F#m7/B
Bitter makes the worst things come back


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