Life's A Miracle 

Dm7      Gsus4 G     Em      Dm7
Say, what you doin' sleep-ing ? Hey half the day is gone
F   G
Get a move on

CC/G         F         C
Life's a miracle, let me tell you why
         Em    Am  Am7         Dm
If you look above you, there are no more stars
       Dm7      F (G)
Like this one in the sky
Life's a miracle, we gotta make the most
Em    Am         Am7
Of the passing moment,
       Dm    Dm7     F        C     C/G     F    C   Em    Am  Am7
Gotta do our best, there'll be time enough to rest
       Dm   Dm7      F
Gotta do our best, there'll be time enough to rest

D9                Fmaj7
Tell someone you them, there's always a way
And if the dead could speak I know what they would say to you and me:
Gsus4       G
"Don't waste another day."
D9                   Fmaj7
Show someone you love them don't be scared to care
And if they fall into your arms you'll be surprised to find
Gsus4          G
The weight that you can bear, because

CC/G F    C    Em    Am   Am7  
Life's a miracle,
Dm        Dm7     F
we gotta do our best before it's time to rest
C          C/G        F           C
Life's a miracle - it's a Summer's day
       Em       Am       Am7
It's a passing moment
  Dm        Dm7     F
Enjoy the sky, be a brilliant butterfly !

C          C/G     F    etc
Life's a miracle

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