Chords used:

Amaj9  002224
F#m9  242224
E7  020100
G#7  464544
Gdim7  002323
Adim  007878
B6  797897
B5+  005443
E6  779999
Ebm7  668676
C#m7  446454
Cmaj7  032000
Am  002210
Gmaj7  320002
Asus2/C#  042200
F#m  244222
Ddim  006767
Cdim  004545
Bdim  003434

Amaj9      F#m9   F/ E7        Amaj9
G#7/Gdim7  F#m9      Amaj9     Adim B  B6

Verse 1:
Amaj9    F#m9              F
Tell me do, something true,
E7   Amaj9
  true of you and me
G#7  Gdim7 F#m9     Amaj9
That we're too busy living through,
   Adim    B    B6
Too busy to see.

Verse 2:
Amaj9      F#m9        F
What is it that we do
E7                 Amaj9
  makes us what we are
G#7 Gdim7 F#m9        Amaj9
If  we    sing are we nightingales,
Adim         B    B5+
shine are we stars?

E6              Ebm7
  Who are we?     What we got?
C#m7              F#m9
Are we a firework show?
Cmaj7                     Am                 
     Growing pale like a star that burnt out
Gmaj7     Ddim/Cdim/Bdim
years ago
E6                     Ebm7                       Asus2/C#
  Stranger thing have been, stranger things have gone,
I find it hard right now to name you one
Cmaj7                    Am               
   Tell me do something true and drop the
Gmaj7      Ddim/Cdim/Bdim
E6                        Ebm7                      Asus2/C#
   If singin' birds must sing, with no question of choice,
Then livin' is our song, indeed our voice
Cmaj7                  Am               
   Best agree you and me we're probably
Gmaj7        Ddim/Cdim/Bdim

Instrumental verse 1:
Play the same chords of normal verse

Repeat chorus

Verse 3:
Amaj9   F#m

Amaj9              F#m9         F     E
    God's a proud       thunderclo - ud
    we are cartoon cats
G#7  Gdim7 F#m9         Amaj9
With a     fear that is biblical
Adim      B      B5+
under our hats

Repeat chorus

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