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This section has links to all the Prefab Sprout video footage I was able to track down.  If you have any more out there, maybe on a dusty old video in your attic, please get in touch and we'll sort something out.  In the meantime, enjoy this collection - all of which have been hosted on YouTube for your viewing convenience. Not all will be available in all countries, you can thank Sony BME and their lawyers for that.
Promotional Videos
Don't Sing
The Sprouts' first video was thought 'missing in action' for a long time, but has now (thankfully) returned.
This charming (but grainy) footage was on the old official site, apparently from the 'Protest Songs' sessions.

The Golden Calf
'Yeah, I'm into Sprouts,' says one cheerful fan.  This video comes to you live from 'Acapulco Rolfs' (allegedly.)
All The World Loves Lovers
A great, atmospheric video with Paddy driving in the rain, and a continuation of the 'If You Don't Love Me' vid.
Carnival 2000
A fairly decent video, if a bit peculiar at times.  Since it's the millenium, Paddy pops on a bow tie - nice!

Johnny Johnny (Alternate Version)
a.k.a Goodbye Lucille #1.  This is one of the good ones, especially if you like close-ups of the band's faces!
A Prisoner Of The Past
This eerie, black-and-white style was all the rage in 1997, but it goes well with the song. I suppose!

If You Don't Love Me
My personal favourite video, despite the quirky 'silent film' sections...and the traditional half-naked man.

We Let The Stars Go
This is a classy, well-made video, which goes very well with the song, and features all the band.
Cowboy Dreams
After fifteen years practice, the Sprouts finally rustle up a sensible video.  Comes with a nifty 'b-roll.'

Cars and Girls
The Sprouts debut their bright, flashy new look - it's a rather cheesy effort, but fairly straightforward.
King Of Rock 'n' Roll
The most infamous moment in Sprout history - featuring a half-naked man, a frog waiter, and dancing hot dogs.

King Of Rock 'N' Roll
The Sprouts' second (and final) 'Top Of The Pops' appearance, and they really do give it some!
The Gunman Interview 2001
A somewhat one-sided interview with Paddy and Martin, on a video set.
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Unknown Interview 1988
A very interesting interview covering most of the 80's material, with what I believe are Japanese subtitles.

Going Live 1991
A rare interview with the whole band, conducted by Philip Schofield, and fans phoning in with questions.

Fleadh Festival 2000
Three brilliant songs from the Sprout's set at Fleadh:
Cowboy Dreams
Cars & Girls
When Love Breaks Down
The Highwayman
This classic Sprout moment sees Paddy in a duet with Jimmy Webb.  This is also available on MP3 here.

When Love Breaks Down
The whole performance from 'Top of The Pops' in 1985.  Very soulful, and very much in the spirit of the video.

Cruel, live on 'The Tube' in 1984.  It's great, even with the slightly bizarre transition from a previous track...
When Love Breaks Down
A performance from 'The Old Grey Whistle Test' in 1985. Watch it quick, before the BBC find out it's here!

Prisoner Of The Past
Bob Monkhouse, allegedly a big fan, introduces them on the National Lottery show in 1997.

Munich 1985
What can I say - an entire Prefab Sprout concert, capturing them at the height of their powers, right here:
Moving the River
Goodbye Lucille #1
When Love Breaks Down
Lions In My Own Garden
When The Angels
Faron Young

Looking For Atlantis
This cheerful video involves a lot of running about in white suits, and has a special cameo by Thomas Dolby.
Hey Manhattan!
This video is very much of the time - the time being the 80's - but it's clear a lot of effort has gone in.

The Sound Of Crying
A bit of a 'modern art' vibe here, but the floating, handwritten lyrics are a nice touch.
Electric Guitars
A reasonable video, with some clever use of grainy old footage - and some random objects being blown up.

Channel 4 1988
A bitesize interview with Paddy, in '80's executive' mode.
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Shibuya HMV Interview 1999
A great clip of Paddy on Japanese TV, talking about the '38 Carat Collection.'

Cars & Girls
A smart beard and a tight skirt are found at the Ibiza Music Festival in 1988.  And it's at least partly live.
Looking For Atlantis
A spirited performance on the 'Wogan' show in 1990, with the band looking like a flock of angels.

King Of Rock 'N' Roll
The Sprouts close an episode of 'Motormouth.' I hope you like credits, because there's plenty!

Goodbye Lucille #1
Just Paddy and Wendy, on an as-yet-unidentified TV programme, with the rest of the band piped in.

When Love Breaks Down
As performed on 'Hold Tight,' a gameshow filmed at Alton Towers.  I bet bands were fighting for a place!

Swedish TV 2003
A lengthy piece conducted for SVT2, to promote 'I Trawl The Megahertz.'
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 -
Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8

Faron Young
A very rockin' performance from the show 'Bliss,' in 1985.  All the band are there, plus a few extras!
I Remember That
'Like a bolt out from the blue,' this excellent video was never released, and only surfaced recently.
A mostly straightforward video, with Paddy modelling some of the worst facial hair ever recorded to tape.
Live Peformances
King Of Rock 'N' Roll
Paddy playing the classic hit in Newcastle city centre, interspersed with some live footage.

Carnival 2000
As performed on 'Going Live,' in January 1991.  See below for the interview that followed.

Video File 1990
Paddy back in Ireland, talking about his music videos with possibly the world's most Irish man.
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Pebble Mill 1988
An interview between Paddy and Richard Jobson on the subject of 'Hey Manhattan!'  Also includes the video.

King Of Rock 'N' Roll
The band perform their highest-reaching hit on the 'Wogan' show, when it was hosted by Sue Lawler.

Music Box 1990
Paddy talks about his various records, and a few video segments are played.
With not a single 'music box' in sight.

Jordan: The Comeback
'MrDamo' posted this after finding it on a VHS in his attic, claiming it was from 'an arty late night show.'

Doo Wop In Harlem
He also found this one - together they must be some of the best live performances.  They are from 1990.

Life of Surprises
This video gets progressively weirder.  Look out for Wendy with her 'devil horns,' and a huge, glowing road.
When Love Breaks Down
An atmospheric, leafy effort, with a slightly different mix of the song than appears on the record.